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Microsoft kills security patches for older versions of IE

Thursday Thursday, December 3, 2015 by Administrator

Back In last August last year, Microsoft made a long overdue decision that Internet Explorer (IE) users must upgrade when it announced that most user needed to be running IE11 by 12 Jan. 1016 . After that, Microsoft will support IE9 only on the barely used Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 and IE10 only on Windows Server 2012. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, must run IE11 or Edge or have no security patches.

You can download the latest verion of IE (Internet Explorer) here

The article to ensuring compatibility with services requiring earlier versions of IE is here

New Enhanced feature market leading automated messaging

Friday Friday, July 10, 2015 by Administrator

Ava advanced agency web system for scheduling temporary workers has been able to send automated email and text notifications for quite a few years as a legacy from our original windows application.

There is now a full featured “What you see is what you get” drag and drop email message designer for any one or all of the 20 plus fully automated emails that our system will optionally send in throughout the booking and billing process.

Emails can be free flowing text containing “fields” of booking related information or have tables with booking information or both.

These automatic notifications can include attachments of documents, pdfs and image scans from employee data. E.g. Identity photos and certificate scans.

Automated emails may contain (mail merge) any of the 50 or more items of information about the customer, individual booking, employee details and certification.

The designer allows you to copy or blind copy any sent emails to any email addresses of your choosing in addition to specific email addresses for each customer and customer site.

The designer also allows you to drag and drop images of company logos or signatures. This means that your automated emails to your customers can be completely professional in appearance and customised to your exact need to a level limited only by your imagination.


Happy time saving automation!



Let us save you £450…

Thursday Thursday, June 11, 2015 by Administrator

There a quite a few organisations around that will try to charge you (or charge well over the odds) for services that are free or of minimal cost from the Goverment direct: passports, birth certificates etc. Here is one to beware of from the buisness to buisness sector and its not an entry in an "international" "directory".

So let us give you the heads up and save you £450 and a day of your time.

We have all heard of the BFI (British Film Institute) but there is another BFI... Business Forums International (Warning this is an uncertified insecure web site)

Curiously there is also a Business Forums International ™ which is nothing to do with 

I am always suspicious of companies with “International” in the name. In my opinion Business Forums International (UK) seem to be some sort of scamming organisation. Apart from having an insecure site( this is never a good sign) and asking for your email address and no doubt other information they also offer £450 workshops on

* How to verify a non-UK candidate’s immigration status
* Checking and verifying identity documentation from outside the UK
* Policy and procedure to ensure your organisation is working within the law
* Essential legal considerations update and best practice
* Understanding what to look for when checking non-UK documents and qualifications to avoid fraudulent applications
* Discover how an enforcement visit works and what to do if your company has one
* Ensuring all your current employees are working legally
* Compliance with Home Office/UKVI and PBS guidelines

These offers come in the form of spam to a non-existent email address.

Well there is a really good free work flow document on the Gov web site which you have already paid for (with your taxes).
We use this (and freely incorporate it) as the basis for the Right to Work compliance section in our product and when completed ensures you have recorded all necessary documents to comply with UK legislation.
Interesting in a direct comparison with our Advanced Agency Web Staffing System £450 would represent in the region of a year’s licence for our staff management software and the Right to Work compliance aspect is less than a tenth of the total product.



How to reduce a £300,000 NI bill to zero: BBC alleges Anderson recruiting has aggressive tax scheme

Friday Friday, May 29, 2015 by Administrator

The BBC apparently recorded Ian Moran of Anderson Group pitching an aggressive tax avoidance scheme to a recruitment agency. The scheme alegedly involves setting up hundreds of limited companies (something you can do on the web for under £30) and then claim NI government Employment Allowance of £2000 for each of the limited company’s of two or three workers.


The full article is here:

BBC web site buisness news

Anderson group web site As the Anderson web site is not a secure one you may get an "untrusted" notification from you browser. Simply remove the "s" from https in the adress bar and you can process to their site. It's still not a trustworthy site though!

UK Government web site for limited company formation


Upto £3,000 how to get it, the best 8 times better than the worst

Wednesday Wednesday, May 13, 2015 by Administrator

Coincidentally earlier this month, we bogged about how you can get a grant of up to £3000 from the government to cover getting upgraded to fast or ultra-fast broadband for your company. Ofcom (the government communications watch dog) now publish the complaints statistics for Broadband, Mobile, landline etc. on a regular basis. So who is the best?

Well, the first thing to note is that the best services have around eight (yes eight) times fewer complains than the worst. So you can get eight times less hassle for you free £3000 grant or eight time more reliability for you internet connected business.

The best were  Sky and (for me surprise surprise Virgin).

The worst were BT, Plusnet and TalkTalk. So don’t believe the current BT ad about reliability is completely misleading... no surprise to us there!

If you want to see the report then:

Telecoms including broadband complaints May 2015 report web site

You may also like:

How to get upto a £3000 grant to give you an excellent Broadband connection



Get your business moving fast at little or no cost.

Friday Friday, May 1, 2015 by Administrator

If you have business internet connection issues: then you may be eligible for a grant to up to £3000 for a new superfast broadband connection. Internet connections have moved on in the past few years. If you are a start up or an existing company with a poor internet connection, there are two things you can do to transform your business internet connection at little or no cost.

Go to a broadband speed check site:

Broadband speed test/ Is a good example. All you need to do is enter your postcode and you will more than likely get a range of extremely affordable options to get a very fast and usually reliable service.

What you probably don’t know is that irrespective of your supplier, your service will be almost certainly be maintained by a company called “open reach” who proved the maintenance service for almost all broadband services through your local telephone exchange.

The thing that makes the difference in your overall reliability is the quality of the guys that do the installation service and in our experience the Sky installers are a cut above the rest.

Alternatively you might get all this for free though a Government grant of up to £3,000:

connectionvouchers co uk just put in your postcode to see if it is available to you and then follow the instructions.

Two simple checks, is your web site working for you

Tuesday Tuesday, April 7, 2015 by Administrator

Concerned about how good your web site is?

In the past year Goole has made two significant changes concerning where your web site appears when people search for it. This is also known as ranking. Both these changes reflect how browsing habits are changing.  Simply, how people are using the web is changing.

The most recent one is: does your web site work on a mobile device? This is simply known as being responsive.  You can check this on a special “developers” page provided by Google, but anyone can use it:

All webs sites we supply for our customers are mobile friendly and pass this test.

Our results are at the bottom of this page.

The second change is a continuing one. Google are progressively giving secure sites higher ranking or better visibility. How do we know if a site is secure? Simply instead of the address starting http: it is https: A padlock appears in the address bar of your browser and the address bar may turn green. It says two important things. One your site is who it says it is in the address bar and this has been checked by a reputable organisation. Two the messages between you and the web site cannot be eavesdropped or interfered with by bad people on the net, just like when you browse your Bank’s web site. It is now a legal requirement in the UK and EU for any site that passes any personal information to be secure. The Ava supplied web portals or customer web sites are all fully secure.

To see the results for Ava: webmasters tools mobile-friendly

Or for an un-stylised version of our customer web sites: webmasters tools mobile-friendly

To see your site, just put in the URL for your site instead.


This may also interest you: steps taken to ensure that the padlock in the address bar really means something

Securityweek Google revoke trust cnnic certificates
Google online security.blogspot maintaining digital certificate security

Mobile _Friendly _Test




Ava are proud to announce the initial launch of their advanced agency web staffing system

Wednesday Wednesday, February 18, 2015 by Administrator

Ava are proud to announce the initial launch of their advanced agency web staffing system for temping agancies and staff banks. Original planning for this product started over four years ago. It has been used by selected customers for over a year. It takes full advantage of the low cost structure that a fully web based temporary staff system can offer. It is probably the easiest system and the fastest system available anywhere in the world. It will take you from the initial request for shift staff to the payroll and invoice information in the shortest quickest route with the lowest amount of administration. It will give instant full compliance checks for staff. It will give instant lists of those matching the booking vacancy request with compliant available workers or compliant registered workers. It has individual pages for customers and workers at no extra cost.

HMRC withdraw some penalties for late PAYE information and refund some previous ones

Wednesday Wednesday, February 18, 2015 by Administrator

HMRC will no longer impose PAYE filing penalties for short delays from March 2015 and if they have been already imposed during the period 6 October 2014 to 5 January 2015, employers are requested to appeal.

There appears to be a small outbreak of sanity at HMRC possibly because of a court ruling or possibly because of a coming election?

To read more:

Accounting and other requirements for start-ups

Friday Friday, November 20, 2015 by Administrator

These days it seems a web site is a necessity for customer credibility and as part of UK law it should contain your company contact details. This is usually on a "contact us" page. Company registration details should also appear here. There is also a necessity for a privacy statement relating to content and cookies.

If you want a web site, we recommend that you initially have one of the many low cost options available for hosting and email. Our software can then be accessed via link on your site. You company site does not need secure certificate or high performance hosting. Before picking a low cost hosting company, you should ensure that the site (content) and styling is easily and freely transferable to another hosting company (some are not).

Registering you company is inexpensive and easy: has all the information you need. Indeed the web sites contain increasingly valuable information which some commercial companies charge for. So beware even though it may not seem a lot: what you want can often be obtained direct from without needlessly contributing to what is effectively a scamming exercise.

Your (stated) company purpose should as simple, as broad and unrestricted as possible to avoid future operational complications. Although it is many years ago now it was our accounts advice then there is no advantage in trying to describe you company's activities in a limiting way.

Although you probably know this, a summary of the (legal) bookkeeping and reporting requirements:

All companies are required to maintain accurate records of income,
expenditure, assets and liabilities - these records should match the
bank statements and give a true and fair view of the company.

These records can be kept manually, in spreadsheets or using a
software package but must be kept for 6 years.

If turnover exceeds the VAT threshold (currently £82,000) then VAT
returns also need to be filed and VAT paid every quarter.

It is recommended that the following are recorded as a minimum:

For each transaction (eg. sale or purchase) record:

• Amount £ (and other currency)
• VAT £ (if you are VAT registered)
• Name of customer or supplier
• Date of transaction
• Other person's reference if appropriate
• Internal reference

The following are typical transactions which should be recorded:

• Sales
• Money received from Sales
• Purchases & Expenses
• Capital purchases
• Salaries
• Loans and repayments
• Dividends
• Owner's drawings

The year end accounts must include:

- a balance sheet (which lists company's assets and liabilities at the
end of the financial year)

- profit and loss account (which summarises the company’s sales,
expenses and the profit or loss in the financial year)

- notes about the accounts (including more details of Fixed Assets,
Directors' remuneration, and transactions with Directors)

- director's report

- auditor's report (unless exempt).

If turnover is less than £6.5 million then only abbreviated accounts
(balance sheet and notes) need to be filed with Companies House.

The Company Tax Return includes:
• Form CT600
• Corporation Tax Calculations (also known as Computations)
• Statutory Accounts

The directors of a limited company should also submit a
self-assessment return detailing all income received.

Contact Information

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