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Blog posts written on Friday September 2014

Posted Friday Friday, September 19, 2014 by Administrator

Moving the windows version of Ava from one domain to another is generally a very simple task. However there can be security issues if the appropriate permissions are not granted.

This is especially true of access to mail merge templates. Microsoft has an article here on setting up trust for shared folders.


 Please ensure shared folders are consistently mapped for all Ava users as both read and write and that any other necessary domain security permissions are granted as appropriate.


 Steps to check for sucessful mail merge:

  • Update and Template drives are available for the user and they have the correct letter or unc paths are being used.
  • The user has the sufficient permissions to open the documents needed.
  • The documents open and the user can edit the file.
  • The template documents are in a trusted (folder) location.




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