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  • BBC re-boadcast original Hitch Hikers Guide radio series

BBC re-boadcast original Hitch Hikers Guide radio series

Posted Sunday Sunday, March 16, 2014 by Administrator


Just replace "digital watches" with "wrist phones" and it’s completely up to date !

Douglas Adams five part trilogy quantum tunnels out of the BBC archives to appear on the iPlayer 

Not only that but the Vogon’s “Resistance is useless” made is appearance over five years before “Resistance is futile” with the Borg.

I first heard the Hitch Hikers Guide when as a young BBC engineer I was asked to play the tapes down the line to a local BBC Radio station that had missed the original transmission. I put the tape on and set it going with (not knowing any better) the thought of getting back after I had gone to get a coffee… When it started with the dulcet tones of Peter Jones as the Guide, the coffee trip was put on hold.


Half an hour later Douglas Adams genius had worked its magic.  Treat yourself here.





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