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How can and do Cybercrimes affect us

Sunday Sunday, November 2, 2014 by Administrator

It’s true that a significant proportion of adults in this country feel they have a poor understanding of the internet. Even as an IT professional in a world where detailed knowledge is becoming more fine grained and specialist, there are areas where personally I know I have only a superficial understanding. So even a superficial (but correct) understanding can be helpful to us or our businesses avoid becoming victims of Cybercrime.

The BBC has commissioned a series of programmes tucked away on the BBC News channel; which are delving into the murky and nefarious world of Cybercrime.


I watched the first episode yesterday and can say it’s entertaining, informative and couched in terms most people should be able to understand.


It’s available for another 6 days. There is a programme web site


And to find out more there is some help on the Open University web site (ironically you may get a security warning as we can only link to secure sites from our secure site).





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