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Can your site pass the browser test?

Monday Monday, September 2, 2013 by Ian Pettman

If you have been in this business for any time you will know that there are a wide range of web sites belonging to recruitment companies and agencies of various types. They basically break down into four types:

Single page sites

A single page usually made from a standard template or possibly even "under construction". The average web site will have on average several hundred pages (number of web pages divided by number of sites).  Any one browsing will expect something approaching average substance before committing either as an end hirer or as a jobbing employee. You can make your own mind up how worthwhile this type of site is.

Four to eight page sites

A small number of pages usually made from a standard template. They may even have "search" and "log in" buttons. A user may actually press these buttons. Often then some web page error occurs or simply nothing. It's one up from above, but only just!

Expensive or comprehensive sites: small to medium size but not mobile or tablet friendly.

These sites have multiple pages, working search, job lists, possibly a blog. Crucially in today's environment they are not what is becoming known as "responsive". A responsive (dynamic or active) site is one that optimises the web pages so they are just as readable on a small mobile smart phone screen as they are on a much larger desktop display and work equally well on the intermediate tablet size screen.

Responsive mobile and tablet friendly sites.

Over the last few days our site has been upgraded by one of our very talented team to be fully responsive. We apologise, there have been some periods when our site has not been available during the upgrade and testing.

You can see the effect of the new responsive layout (if you are viewing from a desk top) by simply sizing the browser window from full screen down to mobile display size. If you are using Firefox, then pressing all three <ctrl +shift + M> button together will bring up the various smart phone screen sizes. All sites supplied by Ava are being upgraded to be fully reponsive. We are doing this as part of our comprehensive customer support.

Can your site pass the browser test?

Today the game is changing.  Two years ago the percentage of Mobiles or tablets viewing web sites was around 1% (we have a business site so this figure represents business use). This time last year iPhone browsing was around 6%. This year Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) were of similar proportions and Smart phone and Tablet browsing had almost doubled. Who can safely ignore 10% (and rapidly growing) of the market?

We can upgrade most existing sites to responsive design. Often at a fraction of the cost of the original non responsive design. We can add automatic feeds from relevant industry news sites. Give you updateable (and automatically updating from Ava pa) job lists.  A (pre-release) example of is available at:


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