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All I want is a simple web site

Friday Friday, July 26, 2013 by Ian Pettman

It is indisputable: your company needs a web site. Your customers will demand a presence on the web. And very importantly, it needs to look credible. A web site with a single page doesn't, its look shouts "Token". A 4 four page site is better, but in terms of "Street cred" or "Web cred" this becoming the new entry level site and viewed as only slightly better. We would like to help you.

A garish web site doesn't work for customers looking for solidity and dependability. When Customers are looking for temporary support staff then dependability and credibility are among the top things on their mind.

A web site needs to be readable however it is accessed. The modern buzz word is responsive. A responsive web site will display well on your office computer screen when you're accessing it at work. A responsive web site will read easily on any modern smart phone without widening and zooming. A responsive web site will be a pleasure on your iPad or Android tablet as well as your desktop.

Your company needs a web site because it's simply expected to have one today. It needs a well-designed one because every viable company has a web site. An important part of your credibility comes from your company web site be a notch above your completion and standing out of the crowd.

Your company needs a good web site because an employer looking for flexible agency workers probably (certainly) wants good reliable workers who will do a job well. Your web site is your public face and it hopefully says "I'm a solid, reliable supply agency that takes care in all aspects of providing workers to help you run your business." It can also say we take care to get the details right.

What says "we have it right" and stands out from the crowd?

Figures are boring right? They can tell us a few important things.

As of this month, there are some hundred and fifty million web sites out there.

That is 15 followed by 7 noughts or 150, 000, 000.  There are over 4 billion web pages.  That works out as 500 pages per web site. A simple web site will have one to 5 pages. So what chance of finding your simple site on a search?

Some sites have almost limitless numbers of pages. Wikipedia for one example. The overwhelming majority of business sites have five or less pages. That means they are a hundred to one shot (or worse) to be found in a search. So what can you do to make you chances better?

For a start you are (maybe) a UK company. Dot UK means that you are compared with other Dot UK sites. That means you immediately exclude 75% of the sites out there. Your domain should be Dot UK not Dot Com as that means competition with the entire web. Also Dot UK has a higher trust rating than Dot Com. (We have all got experience of that XYZ company called XYZ "International" which traded from the back of a garage!)

In any country (UK), if you google Google, then you will be directed to national site, which favours (in the UK) Dot (UK) sites.

Next you should have a web site that has a blog. If you blog once a week, within a year, your web site will have 50 pages. So each week, write about a new customer, a star member of staff, something that affects your business or your customers' business. Naturally this will contain words and phrases that relate to your business. Google likes this and your potential customers may read and like it too. Someone browsing your site may also read an article that they can identify with. That is worth a lot.

Google uses what are called "web spiders" or "bots" to crawl the net.

The spider compares the previous search with the current one and if it finds new content (pages) it reads them and indexes the content as new, current and relevant to its search results. Unchanging pages and sites have less weight over time.

Have a modern responsive site. It should fill the screen no matter what the screen size. So often you look at a small employment agency web site and  you see a static site with 4 pages that was designed from a standard template  four or five years ago. (Sorry if this is you.) It shouts "token" effort to any customer visiting.

For the web sites we provide for our agencies we use three major techniques to keep your company site "fresh".   

The first is you get a "jobs and information" blog. This blog is easy to use and everything is automatically laid out in the same style as the full site.

The second is you automatically get "taster" descriptions of recent jobs. This happens on a weekly basis. The information is abstracted from the jobs you enter and so naturally varies from week to week.  

Both these features help bulk up your site compared with your competitor's simple 3 or 4 page sites.

We also provide Google analytics as standard, so you can see how your site is doing from week to week or day to day.  This also allows you to run campaigns and immediately and independently check their impact on your web site visits.

Because you can use your site for timesheets, employee calendars and customer booking status reports, you are likely to get an increased number of "direct" visits to your site. With Google analytics installed, Google knows this and improves your rank accordingly. Whist a "logon" button give an increased air of respectability, logon pages that work and give traffic improves your search ranking with no additional effort on your behalf.

Because our sites are responsive they can be used on mobile phones and as 80% of UK adults now have a smart phone. You can get a significant improvement in web traffic from smart phones.

The UK economy is improving.

By getting an Ava powered web site and staffing database now, you are placing yourself above your competitors. You'll also be impressed by the amount of admin Ava takes off your shoulders.

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