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Euro 10,000 and being set to prison

Friday Friday, May 24, 2013 by Ian Pettman

Well, it's been a long week.

A couple of weeks ago I was not even thinking of going to Stockholm to receive an award. No, nothing to do with Physics and definitely not the well-known explosive prize!

An email from multinational telecoms giant Ericsson changed that. Some time ago our app was entered for their 2013 Ericsson application awards.

We knew we had a good app idea, but to have risen to the top of some 200 other teams and eventually been awarded 10,000 Euros for the team was absolutely tremendous approbation.

A little bit about the app that won us the prize.Our app: is one of the latest generation of "SoMoClo" apps. It is a geofencing app. It allows someone with no programming experience to specify geographic areas and routes and times on a web page which are then they are automatically saved in the cloud and uploaded to a mobile (currently android and Windows Phone). The mobile "child phone" then tracks its self and if the route is outside the uploaded area, an alarm is sent to one or more other "parent" phones. The alarm would be sent with in "a minute" (actually 2 and a half minutes on average for the Android version). The alarm will show the current position of the child phone. The phone its self, in the next release will give a silent visual alarm on the child phone and allow a message to be sent to the "parent" phone. The alarm will be silent in case there is an element of peril involved. The cost should work out as about £1 a month to track 4 or 5 phones.

The development of the app was sparked by Mum being physically active in her 80's and regularly visiting friends some distance away, but starting to lose her way. Living separately, I wanted to allow her independence and consequentially keep her self-regard, but still maintain a distant watch in case she got lost, especially at night.

A little bit about the Event.

So off we went to collect the prize courtesy of Ericsson. As the French would say "Les bals du chien" which interestingly Google translate comes up with "the dancing dog".

Stockholm is really richly coloured and pretty when the Sun comes out. Pinks and umbers for rendering and copper green roofs.

Stockholm 1

Reminds me of...Henley!

Sunny Stockholm quite like Henley

Ericsson had very nicely booked us into a hotel which was previously a prison. Stockholm is a very colourful city and well maintained. The hotel was no exception.

 Hotel 1

Inside (if you were on nervous disposition it's a bit stark).

To the cells

Calls of "Fletcher!" and "Yes Mr McKay" rang in my ears...

Calls of Fletcher and Mr Mckey rang in my ears

Security of personal possessions should not be a problem then...

 Security of personal possessions should not be a problem

Actually if you were nervous, the wall mirror in the room, tall and framed to look like a guillotine, might cause a sleepless night. Actually, inspite of a really good meal at the hotel (I recommend it); I didn't finally get to sleep on the eve of the award until gone 3 am. The alarm went at 6:30. Ericsson were great hosts and the entire process enjoyable. But I think the sleepless night showed.

I made up for the sleeplessness the following night by sleeping from 9:00pm until 8:30 am and then started a leisurely return journey. I finally got back to Henley at 9:00 pm.

And finally... getting the prize, presented by Jeremy Foster, Director Marketing, Ericsson Group.

Getting the prize

My apologies to our customers who could not contact me with their normal ease. Hopefully the guys in the office were sufficient. I'll try to make it up to you in the next couple of weeks.

PS. I got back to hear on the news there were riots in the centre of Stockholm whist we were there. News to me!

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Finalists in the Ericsson Application Awards

Wednesday Wednesday, May 15, 2013 by Ian Pettman

As finalists: members of the Ava team are off to Stockholm next week to take part in the Ericsson application awards for in their words "Apps for City Life" to promote innovations towards the Networked Society by connecting people, things and places to empower individuals and society.

Our application: Map4Map allows one or more "parent" phones to remotely monitor the position of other linked "child" phones and raise an alarm when the "child" phone strays from previously permitted routes.

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