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The first of a series of Mobile apps: Map4Map

Friday Friday, February 22, 2013 by Ian Pettman

In line with the growing trend of over 80% of UK adults having smart phones, we have started developing apps for these devices. The first of these apps is called Map4Map.

Map4Map allows one or more "parent" phones to track one or more "child" phones and the parent phone automatically receives an alarm if the child phone strays from previously designated routes or areas. The routes are easily set via your account on the web site. If a phone is lost, simply download the free app and link it to your previous account. Map4Map does not require you to both use the same mobile operator. Map4Map was developed following the need to track a family member suffering from Alzheimer's who become lost in progressively smaller areas.  Map4Map only sends alarms when the "child" phone strays from mapped routes on their personal map (or re-joins that route).

We felt it would be better to gain expertise with a distinct app that was separate to Ava's main product range. It should however incorporate many of the functional aspects we would want to provide in a temp staffing relevant apps.  We have added additional development resources and personnel specifically for developing mobile apps.

You can find out more about Map4Map here...

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