How do we measure our security

Posted Wednesday Wednesday, November 6, 2013 by Ian Pettman

Security is very important in the recruitment industry and an essential part of any Recruitment software package.

There are a number of ways we can measure our security. They all, too some degree, depend on the company quietly getting this right for fifteen years.

For ten years we have been a registered data warehouse with the ICO. We have never had a data loss. We can point to a stack of old hard drives in a locked cupboard. PCs may come and PC cases may go, but the hard drives and their data stay with us.

For those of you who are not familiar with the ICO it's not a typo for IOC (International Olympic Committee). It's the Government organisation that oversees Companies treating your data responsibly.

Actually ICO or No ICO I'd take the same approach. I'm reasonably sure there is a drive which is pre our sign up. That is to say at least ten years Ava of keeping customers data secure and safe.

I'm a little old fashioned about privacy in these days of Facebook et al. So you won't find many pictures if you Google my name, but when you do get hits, you can narrow them down by the fact that I'm not female….That eliminates about 3 billion people.

For our defences against Malware and virus attacks, we use a range of Anti-virus packages. Thus if one is slow to update any infection would be detected by one of the others. The best or most advanced Anti-virus software. In spite of some our customers (from time to time) being infected, we have not yet caught a cold. To be fair some of our customers have a much harder job. For instance a NHS trust will be open to thousands of people with (these days) memory sticks. Notwithstanding, if there was a new apparently undetectable virus, sometime later when an appropriate Anti-virus update came along to detect it, it would eventually cause an alarm. We have never had a true positive report on any of our machines. The occasional false positive yes. Detected attacks, many. In fifteen years, never a real positive.

If we transfer data we do so over secure point to point communications links.

We use enhanced Microsoft security measures. Microsoft is probably the body which is most under attack from the outside world. Their security is well tested and regularly updated. We use it too.

So today I can celebrate at least ten years Ava of keeping customers data secure and safe.  Customer data, employee data recruitment staff data, personal email addresses and phone numbers all treated with the same respect and privacy.


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