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The cloud: free hot spots and free but restricted wifi

Thursday Thursday, August 23, 2012 by Ian Pettman

As applications use "the cloud" or "the interweb" it becomes more and more important to be able to find "free" hot spots to get good connectivity. For good reasons, both commercial and maybe security, many of these "free" hotspots are free only if you use basic services.

The basic services may be browsing simple web sites. Web sites with any security (https) may be barred. Any web site which Ava produces and which has a log-on section will use security (https) to ensure your username, password and subsequent sent and received data are sent over an encrypted secure path. This means anyone trying to peek at your data won't be able to.

So for those of you who would like to use your tablet to access secure sites, the following article explains how to do so.

It's a bit technical, but any 15 year old should be reasonably comfortable with it. If you haven't got a suitable 15 year old to hand, you should have thought about that 16 years ago.

Dont be thwarted by restrictive free wifi hot spots

Outlook for the part time jobs market

Thursday Thursday, August 16, 2012 by Ian Pettman

Its true to say that part time or temporary workers offer flexibility and efficiencies not realisable with a completely permanent full time work force.

In times of uncertainty the advantages are even greater than at other periods of the economic cycle. We are certainly in that period for some time to come. The EU outlook is certainly uncertain! So it looks like the temp market is set to stay strong and buoyant for the forseeable future.

Here are four articles (and a link) which give some background to the current economic situation and its outlook. Feel free to judge for yourself.

UK unemployment falls to 2.56 million

UK jobs: The plot thickens

Part-time Britain hits record high as unemployment falls 

Eurozone: What goes around comes around

Office for national statistics 

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