Blog posts written during July 2012

Your staffing agency and backups: analysis of a good bet

Thursday Thursday, July 26, 2012 by Ian Pettman

Keeping an up-to-date copy of your Staffing Agency software data can be simple, should be automatic and is now ridiculously inexpensive.  Here's how...

Starting an agency: the web

Friday Friday, July 13, 2012 by Ian Pettman

Now and in the foreseeable future, the web is playing an increasingly important role in any successful business.
As a start-up or as even as an existing agency the question is: how to improve web presence without spending a fortune?

Exporting payroll information to Sage

Thursday Thursday, July 12, 2012 by Ian Pettman

We have just published an extended series of help articles on the simple process of exporting pre calculated payroll to the Sage product line here

Olympic torch and Sir Steve Redgrave through Henley

Tuesday Tuesday, July 10, 2012 by Ian Pettman

The Olympic torch came through Ava's home town of Henley today and it would be uncharitable of us not to celebrate this by publishing a picture and a short video on the Ava Facebook page. The weather was grey but the rain held off. Which may not be the case for Usain Bolt's 100m dash final where he probably stands a good, possibly unique chance of being able to take the 100 freestyle swimming record at the same time, care of the British weather….

New report by KPMG on jobs

Monday Monday, July 9, 2012 by Ian Pettman

KPMG has just released their latest report on the Temp and Permanent jobs market. As expected, neither the Temp nor the Permanant market trends are sharply upwards ones. However, we are approaching the summer period for university and school leavers and the bulge of student numbers due to the changes in finance brought in by the labour government are probably at an all-time high. Otherwise the status is (in pop terms...) Quo. For the actual KPMG press release on the report, then click here…

KPMG news releases: report on Jobs July 2012

Starting an Agency: choosing your telephone supplier

Tuesday Tuesday, July 3, 2012 by Ian Pettman

It's an obvious statement, but the telephone is vital to your business, Customers book shifts, workers need to be chased and supported. Sending texts (SMS) and User web pages can help.  What is less obvious is that there is a wide range of choices for your telephone or telephone system. Some are much better than

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