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Changes in employment law for April 2012

Friday Friday, April 13, 2012 by Ian Pettman

There have been a number of changes in employment law introduced this month. These have been reasonably widely reported in the media. However if you need to get to the original source, here are links to the government web sites concerned all in one tidy place.

Changes in sick leave benefits when an employee is ill or injured

Sick leave

Changes in Maternity benefits

Maternity benefits

There have also been a reduction in red tape for accident reporting requirements (possibly no change in accidents though)

Health and safety

The condition to go to tribunal for unfair dismissal have been amended, and this is considered by most as of benefit to employers.

Employment tribunals

The actual act is here:

Employment tribunals: the Act

and lastly, reforms in work place pension law

Workplace pension reforms

Happy reading.

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