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Merry Christmas and happy New Year

Sunday Sunday, December 30, 2012 by Ian Pettman

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

This season's greetings to all our customers, friends and associates past, present and future. We wish you an enjoyable festive period. To those of you fed up with the current TV fair, at the end there is a link at the end that I hope amuses. It concerns birds that have forgotten how to fly and a bird that done this so well, it has forgetten it has forgotten how to fly... Oh before you just randomly click through the link at the end: a bit how I found it.

As some of you know, I've moved home. Still in Henley. The "new" place suffers from somewhat ancient wiring. Still that is a project for the New Year. There are very few new houses in Henley. Also, Henley (in general) has quite poor Freeview reception.

However the Sky (fibre) broadband is super. The quality of installation and support is excellent: I'm happy to recommend it.  I'm quite a positive fan of O2 broadband as well.  

Chalk and cheese to BT. Any company that thinks so highly of customer support that is bases it nearly as close to the other side of the earth or to put it another way: about as far away as it can whist retaining it on planet earth, speaks for its-self.

So a laptop has been doing service in place of the restricted broadcast service.  Not that I watch much live TV anyway. I've been quite impressed by the range of stuff on YouTube. So when YouTube popped up with a suggestion about a Douglas Adams lecture I clicked on. For those of you who do not know, Steven Fry, zoologist Mark Carwardine and Douglas Adams have (or had in Douglas Adams case) a common interest in threatened species. This resulted in a nicely off the wall series called "A last chance to SeeWiki entry is here. The YouTube suggestion is an original presentation by the late Douglas Adams. Curiously this is not referenced by the wiki article or the BBC page, so I bring them together here.

Learn about recent advances in twig technology and progressively less excellent forms of transport...Enjoy:

Douglas Adams: Parrots the Universe and Everything, UCtelevision

Midnight run life imitates art: a bit off topic but it's almost christmas!

Friday Friday, December 7, 2012 by Ian Pettman

Midnight run life imitates art: and you thought the bounty hunters were portrayed as stupid…

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the film Midnight run it is a very fast and enjoyable chase movie where two smart guys: Jack Walsh (a bounty hunter) played by Robert de Nero and Jonathan Marducas (a mafia accountant) played by Charles Grodin are on the run from the FBI, the Mafia and another bounty hunter whilst the de Niro character is trying to deliver the Grodin one from Chicago to LA to be a witness in a trial against the Mafia.

Each actor consistantly strives to out gruff the other.

In one scene Grodin has been captured by a rival bounty hunter who sends a picture of Grodin holding the Day's newspaper as proof for ransom. The picture also includes the monogrammed hotel towel in the background.

And so it was that John McAfee of anti-virus software fame had his location disclosed by the modern day equivalent when a geo tagged iPhone photo was posted on a blog by a "Vice" magazine reporter.

More on the McAffee story and iPhone geo tagging here:  

If you haven't seen it then you could do worse than watch midnight run over Christmas. It goes well with a good glass of wine, biscuits and some stilton cheese.

About the Midnight run film here: 

A trailer for the film is on our facebook page:

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