Reporting AWR for HealthTrust Europe

Posted Monday Monday, January 16, 2012 by Ian Pettman


HealthTrust Europe: A very pleasant surprise.

For those familiar with AIMS (the NHS Agency Management Information System), the new management information report requested by HealthTrust Europe will come as no shock.  Our initial contact with this organisation has been both a pleasant and a welcome experience.  

Some of our customers had audits prior to the Agency Worker Regulations meaning that no workers had reached the parity requirements of the Act. Under these circumstances, simply seeing our in-line monitoring and reports was sufficient.

However, a standard management information report has now been specified. It was a few hours work to ensure our customers had a ready to run report to be provided to HealthTrust Europe. As with any initial definition for a new exchange of information: there are always going to be corners to map out. This report was no exception, what was exceptional was the pleasant, clear and open discussion to clarify the data this report needed.  

We very much look forward to working with HealthTrust Europe to provide the most efficient reporting and compliance to the end benefit of both our Agency and our NHS customers.


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