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Agency Workers Directive could be diluted

Posted Thursday Thursday, September 15, 2011 by Ian Pettman

Is this the latest red herring to be doing the rounds for attention grabbing? Let us now mix in the words, reportedly, secret, David Cameron. The Daily Telegraph reported that there was a "secret" investigation of the AWR impact on the economic recovery or lack of economic recovery.

Is this yet another case of a startling headline where the conclusion is (often buried at the end of a progressively more boring article) the opposite of the headline?

Watering down the AWR would be very important to both Agencies and hirers. The final analysis of this article seemed to us to boil down to:

There has been plenty of time to make minor changes so they should have been done by now. Taking both this and the fact that the legislation originated with the EU: it's now too late to get any changes major or minor approved.

Which leaves the so called Nuclear option (talk about hype!) of:

not implementing the AWR would result in substantial EU fines and so isn't really an option.

Perhaps the best part of the article are the studied neutral comments you'd expect at 4:00 in the morning from


So it's coming no matter if we like it or not. Perhaps best to take the sage Victorian advice: lay back and think of England!

There is further comment from the Telegraph today on the effect of AWR:


Additional information

We have a number of questions with the Department of Business and innovation relating to clarification on the AWR. The answers when they come will be published in this section of our site.



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