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Your security is important to us

Thursday Thursday, June 16, 2011 by Ian Pettman

Over the past three months, on a monthly basis, Sony or its subsidiaries have had multiple severe data breaches and losses. In fact they represent some of the largest data losses of all time.

One of the nicest ways of putting this in context verbally is: they now hold both number 4 and number 10 spots on the scale of the largest data breaches of all time. They have achieved this in the space of a few months. Indeed there have been, by reputed accounts, at least five breaches in the past 3 months.

The following site displays this graphically
The subject can be dry, but perhaps not as dry your bank account after such a breach!

The following article is for the technically minded who are curious about how password cracking of compromised security information can be carried out.

It means the phrase "the data was encrypted" so often trotted out by the "Communications Director" may mean very little. Of course Sony could not even offer such a crumb of comfort, because the data was reportedly not even encrypted.

Many of our customers are NHS Trusts and we ensure that on occasion, as needed, when we are transferring data we use a secure link or path to all our customers. Simply there will be a customer employee at one end who actively permits us to access the appropriate data, and then we transfer the minimum needed number of files to our network behind our firewalls.

One other point of reference: from time to time we have computers that fail. The chassis are disposed of but we always retain the physical disks which are locked away.

To keep up with whom what and where in data breaches then there is:

We are of course a registered data warehouse with the UK governement.

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