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Temp Agency or Staff Bank software and Microsoft SQL 2008

Posted Wednesday Wednesday, May 19, 2010 by Ian Pettman

Microsoft have just released SQL Express 2008 R2. This contains a number of features refined from SQL 2008. Perhaps the most important to Temporary Staff Agencies or Staff Banks is the increase in capacity from 4GB of data to 10GB of data.  When Ava first launched their SQL version of Ava Pa, the limit was a mere five connections whilst we implemented this in a way that allowed 20 of 30 concurrent users, in those days this was sufficient capacity to run a small to medium size agency for five years. Microsoft then set an initial capacity limit of 2GB then 4GB with subsequent versions of SQL Express. We have now got to 10GB and our product has evolved becoming more feature rich, storing more data (emails, text or SMS messages and the like).
The following links provide direct access to download
MS SQL Express 2008 SP1
MS SQL Express 2008 R2

For the sake of completeness if you really must install MS SQL 2005 Express

MS SQL Express 2005


Please note that for first time installs: the following prerequisites are necessary. we recommend that you download them and install them first.

These are:

Net framework version 3.5 SP1

Windows Installer 4.5

Power shell 1.0 (There is Power shell 2.0 - do not be mislead)

This process may involve a number of reboots: I seem to average about 4.


What does this mean for free capacity?

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