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Increased free storage for Recruitment Software for Temporary Agencies or Staff Bank

Posted Friday Friday, April 23, 2010 by Ian Pettman

Ava have been able to increase the free storage allowance from the current limits.

Previously the (free) database was limited in size to about 4GB. This meant there was space for around a quarter of a million shifts with over 12,000 employees across 7,000 departments. This has now been more than doubled so the free database version ( under licence from Microsoft ) now has a free capacity of:

Half a million shifts:
with up to 20,000 employees
across 12,000 departments or locations.

These figures are based on measurements from actual current customer usage. This does not represent an absolute limit to the size of data that can be stored. With optional upgrades from Microsoft these figures can be increased well over a thousand times.

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