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Intranet and Internet Ava agency software 2.0 web site going live.

Sunday Sunday, February 28, 2010 by Ian Pettman

Another Ava agency software 2.0 web site going live.
Over the past few years we have provided simple easy to use agency staffing web pages. These give both immediate views of the booking status of any current requests and vacancies listed to advertise to employees.  The information on these pages is easily filterable to show specific date ranges and to select only the information for departments, sites or user defined groupings of departments (e.g. directorates) or sites.
We are now providing another NHS Trust with the more recent version of our Intranet or Internet facing software. This provides direct secure access to allow a department manager to request shifts and (optionally) a higher manager to authorise these requests. Each individual user can be separately authorised only to carry out the various specific tasks for those departments which they have been designated.
Other pages allow booking of available employees, time sheets authorised and invoices viewed. The ability to carry out each of these functions can be specified to department level for each individual user.
The authenticated user can also be an employee, in which case they can specify their own availability, work preferences and present time sheets.
This provides a complete on line booking process to compliment the back office system.
 Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

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