Additions to free software and services

Posted Sunday Sunday, October 31, 2010 by Ian Pettman

We partake in a number of forums. One is the UK business forum. It's quite an active forum.

There was a question on how to measure visitors to a site. One member of the forum suggested a paid for service. We were curious about this recommendation, why recommend a paid for service when there are perfectly good free ones? So we took a look. Well there was nothing there as far as we could see that was not freely available in the various Google and Yahoo tools.

Providing paid for services which are freely available elsewhere is not illegal. Possibly in the same manner, there are quite a few official looking sites that make a business out of charging (premium) for free or low cost government information (Birth certificate sites come to mind). So we posted a comment with links to the free tools.

Then it occurred to us that it would be worthwhile to show the sort of free reports you can get.

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