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Posted Thursday Thursday, January 21, 2010 by Ian Pettman

Ava always tries to give a human side to support calls and requests. Sometimes this is difficult for genuine reasons.  The reason which is most genuine and also repeated (fortunately not too often) is that the customer's server or network is down and that prevents any software working. Even so we can often help in determining where the faults is or its exact nature. This often means getting the service quickly restored by contacting the customer's IT support with a technical description of the problem.

It is all the more frustrating when we are knocked back by larger company's support. I had arranged broadband for someone with Pipex home broadband. The service no longer became appropriate and the phone line was ceased.  Still broadband bills arrived. So I tried calling Pipex: even on their premium rate sales or support numbers I just got a long announcement and a suggestion to call back in 24 hours. Their web site just crashed every time I tried to submit a contact request (five or six times).  Emails (not using their web site) just got an automated response with a request to state my problem between anti-spam markers - which then got an automatic reply with a request to state my problem between anti-spam markers - etc. I received an email from Talk Talk asking me to follow a link -within 24 hours. I followed it within 24 minutes. I was told it has expired.

The one good thing to come out of this was a google link to which gave me a non premium rate number which was actually answered! This superb site allows you to search for non premium rate numbers for companies and it is in my opinion excellent.

To coninue with the Pipex saga. The call centre was in the Philippines islands and no, they could not help either. It was just good to hear a human voice after two hours of total frustration.  At Ava agency software we do not use premium rate number for support and our customers have my mobile number too.

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