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Free web designs for agencies

Posted Wednesday Wednesday, July 15, 2009 by Ian Pettman

If you are a small agency or even a medium size one looking for a new style for your web site: you could do worse than have a look at this site. Open source web design is a free source of web designs for all: not just agency software. There are over 2000 designs and if there is one that appeals to you it is free to use. On the other hand it may give you some new ideas for your proposed site.

The only slight drawback is that because it's free, other people can use the design you choose too. Even so, you may find a style that you like but is not quite perfect. The contact details for the designer are there. After all, half the battle of getting a site that meets all your needs is to find a designer that does things you like.

Open Source Web Design

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