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What the universe looked like

Wednesday Wednesday, December 9, 2009 by Ian Pettman

Actually the title is somewhat incorrect. It is what the universe looks like now, except that some of the light has been traveling for 13 Billion years to get to the Hubble deep space telescope.  

These are the latest pictures of the universe's early day that have been released. The farthest galaxies are the red ones  (due to red shift) and we see them as they were only 600 million years after the big bang. With the current estimate of the age of the universe being 13.7 Billion years, this means that we have gone (are viewing objects) back 96% of the way to the beginning of the universe. 


Scientific American article 

Hubble article:

 Hubble biggest downloadable image:


Enjoy the view. 

Security security s3cur1ty - passwords

Sunday Sunday, December 6, 2009 by Ian Pettman

Security is in all our interests - except for the bad guys out there. Bad guys use weak security where they find it to install viruses or bots which are programs that hi-jack computers so that rather than doing what you want (and paid for), your computer spends time attacking other computers. As long as each infection finds (on average) more than one other infect-able computer before it is cleaned by up-to-date antivirus software, the infection will never die out.  Often these infections or bots are used to test passwords to see if they can get into an otherwise protected system. The following article is to a reasonably non technical Microsoft document on what not to use as a password.
As a matter of course, Ava (Agency software) will advise all our customers if we find inappropriate password settings.

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