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How to capture windows screens as a video

Posted Tuesday Tuesday, September 16, 2008 by Ian Pettman

I was recently asked how to capture windows screens for making tutorials. There are inexpensive screen capture tools available.   If you just want a screen shot to put in a Word or Excel document then pressing < alt + ptrnsc > and then opening windows paint and selecting edit and then paste from the menu will do the job.

Just as inexpensive, and it allows you to capture a video is Windows Media Encoder. This is a free download from Microsoft if you have not already got it.You can get the latest version for Xp at:


You can get the latest version for Vista at:


Guidelines on getting the best results are at:


and a getting started guide is it:


If you find the Microsoft way to do this a little complex, how about having a look at the following free application:

The Jing Project

Also, if you would like a more feature rich tool,TechSmith who developed The Jing Project also have a commercial offering calledCamtasia, it looks pretty good.

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