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New accrued leave report

Saturday Saturday, May 17, 2008 by Ian Pettman

There is a new report concerning unclaimed accrued paid leave. It is on the reconciliation tab and is number 99.

It differs from report 97: Report 97 gives unclaimed accrued paid leave for locked reconciliations before a given (reconciliation) date. This produces a report which gives constant amounts irrespective of later reconciliations and approved claimed leave requests. It is designed for accountancy purposes and represents a snap shot of accrued leave at a given reconcile date.

The new report gives the current status for unclaimed (or accrued) paid leave which as been accumulated up to the date selected. So claimed leave will be removed form the displayed total even when it is claimed significantly after the date selected: it has been claimed at any time and is therefore not outstanding.

The new report also gives the First and last dates for the unclaimed accrued leave, Current employee status and the date the status was activated.

The following reports:

Accrued Paid Leave for locked reconciles to date (number 97)

Accrued Paid Leave for Employee (number 98)

Unclaimed Accrued Paid Leave to date (number 99)

Are available both on the day tab and the reconcile tab

Developers Meeting In Bracknell

Wednesday Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by Ian Pettman

Last night in Bracknell I gave part of a presentation on Microsoft 2008 technologies: the agonies and ecstasies of Linq. This was to the increasingly misnamed VBUG. There were more C developers than VB. The food was good and we had a good audience.

An edited version of the text of the slides, with additional comments and Linq links follows:

AvaPA - VBUG Bracknell 2008 Launch

2005 - 2008

Keep a copy of your *.proj/*.sln - everything else is compatible
Not sure why you would want to though…
White space handling much better.
Layout seems to be maintained.

Ajax issues 1

Why my Ajax stopped working when I went from 2.0 to 3.5
How to fix it:
Download the latest version of Ajax for 3.5
Copy the old code to a safe place
Delete then reinsert the Ajax extension
Copy in the missing bits!

SQL to Linq 1

  • Stored procedure comments:
    Not before
    Not after
    In the middle…
    If someone or something puts your puts your XP computer in hibernate:
    right clicking on a stored proc will not give you the open option!!!
    Close and restart the project to cure.
  • Linq 1 How to bind a list (as opposed to a grid)
    Use Datafield properties
    No "Selected" binding for a check list???
  • Linq 2
    How to run an update stored proc:
    Import it into your data model
    Declare it and just do it!
  • Linq 3
    Pitfall of using .single()
    Solutions may vary
  • Linq 4
    How (not) to design a sp so it works with Linq
    Declare @Tbl TABLE (x, y, z)
    Final select: SELECT x,y,z FROM @Tbl T
    Linq 4
    How (not) to design a sp so it works with Linq
    IF @Var = 1
    SELECT * FROM MyTable
    IF @Var = 2
    SELECT * FROM MyTable2
  • Linq 5
    Declarative order not maintained.
    May be news for MS on this later….
    Select z, x, y From Mytable
    From Mytable Select z, x, y !!!!

Asp net wiz v2.0

An unexpected (for me) feature of the user wizard:
If you still logged in as an existing user,the User wizard may think you are trying to change your existing password rather than create a new user!

Altering a proc 1

Updating an existing stored procedure:
Run the new script against that database
Refresh the proc list Not < F 5 > !!!
Delete the old version
Drag in the new version

Useful linq Links

Web casts
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Discount on windows Vista: for a few days only

Friday Friday, May 9, 2008 by Ian Pettman

For a few days you can get a very large discount off Windows Vista Ultimate edition.

For more details click here

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