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McKesson ESR to AvaPA payroll automation mapping

Monday Monday, December 8, 2008 by Ian Pettman

ESR Assignment mapping

The ESR Ava import assignment module provides a very easy and powerful method of linking the McKesson ESR and AvaPA temp staffing suite together. The process incorporates a high degree of intelligence within the Ava system ensuring that all payroll returns conform fully to the assignment numbers allocated to individual employees and to the exact areas they work. This provides two benefits: timesheet entry errors of inappropriate grades are trapped and corrected before being sent to payroll. Due and diligent process is required to enable employees to receive payment at specified rates preventing both errors and potential fraud. 

In this article we will cover the various mapping options taking you through from an employee with one assignment number who is paid that rate everywhere, to someone who has multiple assignment numbers and can receive two different rates even when working in the same department with the same responsibilities.

ESR to AvaPA automation

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