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  • Trainees: varying maximum hours per week over holiday periods.

AvaPA - Trainees: Varying maximum hours per week over holiday periods.

Posted Friday Friday, January 25, 2008 by Ian Pettman

By default AvaPA will check a constant number of hours per week as the maximum bookable time. This is set on an employee by employee basis (for example 20 hours for students). This value can now be overridden for holiday periods. This is done in the standing availability window:

From any record card for an employee:

Main menu: View: Standing availability

When the window shows, click on the weekly hours tab.

Overrides can then be added from any date for any number of hours. (Click on the new button at the bottom)

To return an Employee's hours check to the default value add a further override from the date when the period ends. AvaPA will then maintain a record of all periods and the hours checked.

Standing availability

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