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Win a box of 12 Muffins for your office!

Sunday Sunday, December 16, 2007 by Ian Pettman

Now that we have launched our new website, we have the fun task of filling it full of useful content.

I thought a fun way of adding useful content to our Support section of the website would be to offer our customers the chance to win a box of muffins by submitting FAQ's to us.

What you need to send us:

  • FAQ's related to all aspects of using AvaPA, think about the questions you asked when you first started using our application. Would the answers be useful to others?
  • A question (as precise as possible)
  • An answer (we don't mind making a few corrections.. but as users of our products, you should know how it works and how to describe it for someone else)

How you enter:

  • Send your FAQ's to me by using our Contact Us form.

How you win:

  • By being the client who submits the most FAQ's between now and 31st January 2008

And the prize is:

A box of 12 muffins from... Fabulous Bakin' Boys

Get writing those FAQ's and ask all your colleagues to help!

Thanks in advance and I hope you win the muffins!


The new Ava website has now Launched

Wednesday Wednesday, December 12, 2007 by Ian Pettman

Finally after many long hours we have now launched our new website. We hope all our regular customers like the improvements and that all our new customers find our site easy to navigate.

We will be maintaining a corporate blog as a way of announcing changes to our website, product update announcements and anything else we think you might find useful!

We appreciate any feedback you would like to give us regarding our new site!

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