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Ava is a totally independent Company. Our dedicated recruitment software manages temporary staffing Agencies and Staff banks in all sectors: from large NHS Trusts and Agencies filling thousands of shifts per week to small start-ups and not for profit organisations with only a dozen or so flexible or part time workers.

Our main Ava advanced Agency Web Software is a very simple and very cost effective booking and staff management system which can ensure compliance required under UK and EU Law without interfering with the process of supplying staff. It manages Customer requests, addresses and phone numbers. Ava calculates both pay and invoice amounts. It will provide files for use with all major and most minor payroll and invoicing packages.

It will run on all current Windows, Apple and Android computers, tablets and smart phones. It will easily scale to your needs (a million shifts?). It really is agency supply worker software as it should be: simple, quick, powerful and very very cost effective.

Editions of Ava advanced Agency Web Software are pre-configured for use by an external staffing agency. If your job sector or skills supply is not listed here, do not worry, our system is fully customisable to match your requirements, typically it takes but a few hours to fine tune our system exactly to your needs. Then it will automatically carry out many otherwise time consuming and repetitive tasks. From then on as your needs change, our uniquely simple setup pages allow you to confidently keep our recruitment software giving you the maximum benefit.

If you are looking for Staff Bank Software to manage your in-house temporary staff we have an example of how Ava has been used by (amongst others) NHS Trusts for many years.



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