Sustainability Policy

We exercise the following, or have plans to exercise the following in regard of the sustainable operation of Added value applications Ltd:

  • We are largely (overwhelmingly) a paperless company. Already in place.
  • We only keep or produce paper hard copies when absolutely required.  Already in place.
  • Our invoices are sent electronically.  Already in place.
  • Primary and secondary communications are electronic.  Already in place.
  • Bank payments are made using our Bank’s web site negating a need to travel to our Bank.  Already in place.
  • All redundant or obsolete electronic equipment:

1.       Any data storage components are removed (to ensure data security) and these are retained indefinitely in a private locked location.
2.       The remaining components are then sent for electronic equipment recycling with an accredited company (at the time of writing  Already in place.

  • All office waste is divided into Recyclable and Non-recyclable and that which is recyclable is sent for recycling.  Already in place.
  • The above two measures have eliminated an estimated 80% of land fill over the practices of ten years ago.
  • We initially (and often only) demonstrate our software using secure remote desktop software totally eliminating the need for travel and associated consumption of Hydro-carbons.  Already in place.
  • Data transfer is performed using secure point to point software totally eliminating the need for physical transfer of data.  Already in place.
  • Our offices are heavily insulated, meaning that for a large part of the year and much of any day, people and computers are sufficient heat sources to provide a comfortable working environment.  Already in place.
  • We are investigating the use of electro voltaic solar power to be the primary source of electricity for all office our computers and lighting.
  • We are investigating the use of medium range hybrid technology vehicles for customer visits, to which end we will be requesting suitable parking for recharging facilities (13 Amp) to allow the range to customers to be maximised.



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