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Added Value Applications Ltd, commonly referred to as AVA was founded in 1996 by our Managing Director, Ian Pettman. Ian studied Physics at Oxford University where he gained his degree.


Ava is a profitable business with its headquarters in Henley on Thames. Our core focus is temporary staff management and scheduling software, this is divided into two strands Agency scheduling Software and Staff bank scheduling Software. The first version we developed was our Nursing Agency Software which has many variations and is easily customised to a very wide range of employment sectors including but not limited to Locums, Linguists, Logistics and Teachers.


Our Agency and Nurse bank software has booked millions of shifts, frequently in mission and life critical staffing situations such as A&E and Theatre Nurses. Our largest NHS Trust customer database has over 200 wards, Departments or PCTS and 10,000 Nurses current or in instantly accessible archives. Our Agencies report 98% compliance ratings with CQC.


The best way to see how our software works is to book a demonstration when we will provide an online demonstration live on your desktopm and tailored to your specific industry.


Over the years we have worked for an impressive list of clients and have built a solid reputation for delivering cost-effective solutions both within budget and also of the highest reliability.  Our products have a market leading low cost of ownership. We are very proud of this. We have a solid track record of innovation with well-trained staff providing quality services to our clients. Over 80% of our staff have or are undertaking degree level education or above.


We offer a consultative approach when looking to install our solutions and to ensure that they will not only meet the requirements of our clients but also integrate where necessary into existing systems.


We upgrade our software on a weekly basis after testing. We constantly and seamlessly add features and performance to what is already a very effective web based product.


Company Details:

VAT registration number: 669 0366 08.

Company registration number: 3181394, registered in the United Kingdom.

Data Warehouse registration number: Z8261296

Current Information Commisioners Office Data Warehouse registration PDF document

Information Commisioners Office Data Warehouse details (since 23 Oct 2003) PDF document

Date of formation: 22nd April 1996.

Head Office: Chiltern House, 45 Station Road, Henley on Thames. RG9 1AT

Registered Office: 74 Makins Rd, Henley on Thames, RG9 1PR

Phone: 01491 845 400

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