Blog posts written during October 2008

NHS ESR payroll

Friday Friday, October 31, 2008 by Ian Pettman

The Ava to McKesson NHS ESR interface provides a comprehensive set of cross checks to ensure that the two systems accurately map employees to each other. This is essential to ensure employees are paid at the correct rates for the right jobs. One of the checks will produce an error "Employee payroll ref not set" when an incorrect mapping has occurred. This article discusses how to check for this and correct the employee mapping.

Fun with windows power shell or How to run window power shell scripts

Sunday Sunday, October 5, 2008 by Ian Pettman

For those of you who have had the pleasure of installing SQL 2008 and noticed that there are several prerequisites (which it would have been really nice if the SQL install program had included rather than it being a manual process).


Prerequites for installing SQL 2008


One of these is Windows Power Shell. You may have thought if power shell was powerful: it would blow a hole in your security. If power shell did not blow a hole in your security it could not be very powerful and therefore not worth learning about. Well it is powerful and it seems it does not blow a hole in your security. However the attitude - I'll install it and see what it does, is not quite as fruitful as one might hope. Power shell is not quite like a batch file. You install it, find a useful script from the internet, down load it to a *.ps1 file on your desk top, double click and get an error message. The shower shell script does not run. The following article takes you through the process of actually running a power shell script. I like the way it's written as well!

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